Linda Loo


Linda Loo is a renowned Women’s Wellness coach and the founder of Slim Sassy Strong. She traveled to America, India, Japan, China, and Taiwan, where she trained and became certified in living foods, yoga, aquatic yoga, pilates, meditation, energy medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda, and cosmetic acupuncture.

With a focus on holistic wellness, her program has empowered hundreds of women to regain their mobility, avoid surgery, give up medications, and lead happier, healthier lives.

She's become a symbol of what is achievable—embodying that age is just a number, and true wellness is accessible at any stage of life.

Steph Ong


Our Aqua Deep Heal coach not only specializes in aquatic therapy for improved mobility and pain relief; she's also a guiding force in mental wellness and sound bath sessions.

Steph used to suffer from chronic back pain due to long hours of running a F & B business. After working with Linda, she got rid of her chronic pain and is able to stand and walk with ease again.

Having experienced a powerful transformation, she’s filled with a deep passion to help other women. After completing Teacher Training with Head Coach Linda Loo, she’s now a senior coach on the Slim Sassy Strong team and brings a wealth of knowledge to the community.

Rachel Loh


Our dedicated Damage Proof Muscle Training coach is a pillar of strength and expertise in our wellness community. Rachel used to struggle with chronic knee pain. After working with Linda, she became free from knee pain and can even run up the stairs confidently!

Having completed her Teacher Training under the guidance of Head Coach Linda Loo, she’s now officially a Slim Sassy Strong coach and is serving more women by bringing a highly effective approach to muscle activation and strengthening.

With a focus on helping clients stand, walk, and live without pain, she expertly guides them through exercises that are both safe and impactful.

Dr. Tan Wan Shin

Dr. Tan Wan Shin has been practicing medicine since 2010 upon graduating with a Medical Degree in Ukraine. She owns and manages several functional medical clinics in Southeast Asia.

With her accumulated clinical experiences, Dr. Tan realized that true health evolution starts once the root cause of diseases is identified. Her goal is to improve vitality and inspire awareness of chronic diseases prevention via lifestyle support and education.

Alessia Tan


Alessia Tan is a lecturer of nutritionist courses at the Singapore Management University.

With a passion for holistic nutrition and an understanding of how food can heal and energize the body, our nutritionist and her collaborative efforts with Head Coach Linda Loo ensures that the Eat-To-Thrive approach remains at the forefront of nutritional wellness, combining time-tested principles with the latest in dietary science. This approach is about making sustainable, enjoyable, and beneficial lifestyle adjustments.

Beatrize Medenilla


Beatrize is an accountancy graduate who has found her calling in the wellness industry with Slim Sassy Strong.

What Beatrize loves most about being part of the Slim Sassy Strong team is the collective dedication to making a real difference in women's lives. She values the sense of community and shared purpose within the team, as they all work towards empowering women to live better, healthier lives.

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© 2024 Linda Loo | All Rights Reserved

© 2024 Linda Loo | All Rights Reserved